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Denise (Brenner) Gunterman

January 2001

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Since graduation in '66 there have been torrents of water under my bridge. I graduated from Cal in '70 and married John that summer. I went on to Cal State Hayward for an Elementary Teaching Credential and promptly went off on my husband's Army career as soon as that year was up. Over his twenty years we lived in Virginia twice, Kentucky, Oklahoma, California [where we had our two sons], Brussels, Belgium, Alaska, and Salt Lake City, Utah. Now that he has retired, we have moved to Port Orchard, Washington, a small town of 7,500 people across the Puget Sound from Seattle.

During those footloose years at the mercy of governmental whim, I taught everywhere we were sent, became the cultural interpreter for family and friends, took innumerable classes, took up brewing, and became a great cook [consult my husband's waistline!]. Now I am teaching Family and Consumer Sciences and Technology at a junior high after eight years of teaching History, English and French. I guess I don't like to get set in my ways.

This past summer I completed a Masters Degree at the University of Portland and I'm working on the completion of a vocational certification at Central Washington University. I just can't seem to stop going to school!

We live on five acres in the woods and we really don't mind the rain...but the sun sure is a treat when it peeks through. I'm active in our church and love to camp, fish, and maintain my acres of garden.

I would love to hear from other alumni. Drop me a line.

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