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Susan K. Winn-Rogers

January 2006

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After leaving High School at CVHS I went to UC Davis for undergraduate studies and then on to UCSF Medical Center in Nursing. Never did practice but went instead into medical insurance in SF for four years. Then my husband, Kurt, and I decided to try a little adventure and went to Point Barrow, Alaska for two years. By the time we returned, we were the proud parents of Karl and Hans (nothing to do during the long, dark nights)!

Moved back to the Bay Area and stayed there with Kurt working as a dentist and I had an interior design business until 1980. We then decided to move to the mountains and went to Meadow Vista (near Auburn) where we set up a dental practice and ran that for a number of years together.

The call of education pulled me back to St Mary's College for another degree in Health Service Administration and I then went back into the insurance field. Sometime after this, we unfortunately divorced and I met a wonderful Englishman! After a long transatlantic courtship, I moved to the UK in 1989 and have been here since.

I still work in the insurance field and am a Director of the largest medical insurance company in the UK. My husband, Danny, has his own construction company and we built our own home a couple of years ago. This is a big deal in the UK, as no one seems to do this - unlike in the USA. So it was a real challenge, but we now have a wonderful home that is quite open- plan, which is again, unique in the UK.

Our respective families are all well and good. Danny has two boys. My Hans is married and living in Connecticut. He is married, but no little ones yet - they are still having too much fun playing - but they are talking about it, so next time I write, who knows what news I will have to share! My other son, Karl, unfortunately died in a car accident about 10 years ago, and this has been hard for all the family to accept. But we remember him with love.

I hope to make it to one of the reunions soon, and hope the dates co-incide with a visit to my family, some of whom still live in California - although they are spread out all over the world from the Caribbean to Australia! This is good though, as we go to visit them all and get to see lots of the world that way!

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