Clayton Valley High - Class of 1966
Dorwin Hilsenbeck to Greg Feere

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Dorwin Hilsenbeck in 1966 Dorwin Hilsenbeck in 2016 Dorwin Hilsenbeck: I got married for the first time in 1997 to a women I met in New Zealand over 20 years prior ... long story!! And I retired in 2010 from Airgas in the Bay Area where I worked for 30 years, moving through a variety of different jobs in the compressed gas (cryogenic engineering) industry.

Once retired Lindsay and I moved up to our house in Virginia City, (70 miles south of Yellow Stone Park) Montana, where I enjoy fly-fishing (and fly tying), hiking and hunting. And when I get time, making Suiseki. Enjoy being actively part of a close knit community; I'm a volunteer firefighter there. Over our summer there's a lot of socializing and fun events.

In the US winter we go down to The Kapiti Coast, New Zealand (30 mins north of Wellington the capital) where we have a house on the beach (with great salt water kayak there a theme here?)!! In 2015 we finally finished an extensive renovation of the house, so only just starting to enjoy it without a ton of sawdust. I have a step-daughter there, Sacha. She lives in Auckland and is a film and television editor; married to a writer, producer, and film director ... both married to the film industry so no grandkids!! We love to travel and enjoy having friends and family visiting on their travels. And like coming back to the Bay Area often, for extended visits here to see family and friends.

Doug Perez in 1966 Doug Perez in 2012 Doug Perez has moved back to California. He's now single again, living in Pacific Beach (San Diego). He went to Cal for his bachelor's ('70), to Davis for his Master's ('74), and back to Cal for his Ph.D. ('78). He has been a police officer ('70-'75), and a criminal justice professor/author all over the country. He loves to coach; he has been a crew coach (San Diego State, U.C. Santa Barbara, '78-'89), a semi-pro football coach (Vermont, '91-'09), a rowing coach again at Middlebury College (Vermont '11-'12), and is now retired from teaching/coaching, and doing some writing in San Diego. He has two grown daughters, (Elizabeth and Annie). He would like to hear from any and all of you at

Evamaria (Bassett) Croskey in 1966 Evamaria (Bassett) Croskey has grown older and wiser.

Fran Stotts in 1966 Fran Stotts married Dennis Sorensen. See him for details.

Fred Ruggiero in 1966 Fred Ruggiero today Vietnam Service Ribbon Fred Ruggiero Took the long plane ride to South Vietnam right after high school. Came home and married classmate Janis Ruggirello in 1971. We are happily married and have twin sons. Both have great careers with State of California Department of Corrections. We are blessed with 3 grandkids. Both Janis and I retired in 2011 and enjoy travel and golf. We also enjoy family and I spend the winters waterfowling. All things considered, a great life.

Glen Paetz in 1966 Glen Paetz in 2006 Glen Paetz - Living in Silicon Valley, California. Retired now; was an R&D (Software) Manager for Agilent Technologies, which split off from HP a couple of years ago.

Glenda (Ostler) Hawkins in 1966 Glenda (Ostler) Hawkins - Live east of Salem, Oregon with husband Chuck (who I married right after high school). Blessed with 7 fantastic children (5 daughters, 2 sons) and 15 grandchildren (6 girls, 9 boys, including twins). Everyone lives with 4 hours of each other and we enjoy getting together as often as we can. We have 1 1/3 acres where the grandchildren can play and we can all make memories. We are retired from money paying employment, but will enjoy the greatest "payment" of love of family forever. Family history and Chuch volunteer service keeps us busy and happy. Good health is a blessing, we count the added pounds and gray hair up to life's experiences.

Glenda (Richardson) Baldwin in 1966 Glenda (Richardson) Baldwin in 2012 Lauriana (Glenda) (Richardson) Baldwin writes: My name now is Lauriana Baldwin. I'm a certified coder and retired from UC Davis Medical Center in July 2015.

Greg Feere in 1966 Greg Feere and friend in Alaska with a huge dead bear Greg Feere - I was the Chief Executive Officer for the Contra Costa Building and Construction Trades Council. I've been married since 1984 to my fantastic wife Nina, with 2 super brilliant kids. Xenia is a lifetime straight A student, valedictorian and UC San Diego Graduate. Son Zack is a College Professor with 3 master's degrees. Somehow they didn't inherit my Chico State genes. I spent 10 years in Alaska as a guide - Hunting, Fishing and Photography. I worked on Kodiak Island and the Artic Brooks Range. I worked on the Trans Alaskan Pipeline and lived in Palmer, Point Barrow and Kodiak, all in Alaska. Life is Good!
Greg sent us an update in 2017, which also has a larger picture of the bear.

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