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  • Greasers vs. Surfers?
  • How about a carry over from the 50s . . . "Big Hair"?
  • Dick Stewart Doo-wop dance on Saturday nights?
  • Cruising Park and Shop?
  • Ratted hair-do's and Aqua Net?
  • The King's Four ?
  • Concord Armory Dances?
  • Calisthentics in PE class? (Which is not done any more in schools)
  • Girls had to wear dresses or skirts to school?
  • There was actually an appropriate DRESS CODE in schools?
  • Smoking in B wing girls bathroom?
  • Mr. Brooks Biology class and his frogs?
  • Being in the quad when we heard of President Kennedy's assassination?
  • Butch Schmidt's '55 bronze and cream colored Chevy?
  • When a certain boys PE coach was caught making out with a certain girls PE coach on school property?
  • Coke fights while rolling your newspapers - RC Cola spayed the best - Coke tasted better?
  • Giant Hershey bars while doing your home work?
  • Dying of thirst at football practice?
  • Mr. Mallard policing the parking lot?
  • Seeing how many cinnamon rolls you could eat between classes?
  • Chick's Donuts?
  • Letting Skip (a freshman) hang out on our senior lawn because lots of people picked on him?
  • Ron, Neal and Dave's jeans pegged to the max?
  • BrylCream?
  • How na´ve we all were?
  • How shy most of us were?
  • How great looking all the girls were?
  • "Time" by The Chambers Brothers?
  • The Everley Brothers?
  • The Righteous Brothers?
  • I Wanna Hold Your Hand?
  • Orchards on Concord Blvd. ?
  • Bosco's Barber Shop?
  • A clean and dignified Quad at CVHS?
  • Riding bicycles all over Concord before we could drive?
  • Richard's Coffee Shop?
  • Fritz's Meats? Ooops, it's still around! Go Brian!
  • When Jade East and Brute were the rage?
  • The championship wrestling teams?
  • Pomade hair gel?
  • White pleated skirts?
  • Angora sweaters?
  • Dick Stewart Bandstand on Saturday TV?
  • "Mr. Cee" and his piercing eyes?
  • Commander Zot and his faithful girl Friday?
  • Shakey's after the football games?
  • Modern dance class, with those awful black tights?
  • Miss Wallin's picture wall in her office?
  • Mr. August's bullwhip?
  • Under classmen sitting on the senior lawn?
  • What people wrote in your year book?
  • When Sun Valley Mall was built? A MALL!!!
  • The debate team who won all the trophies?
  • When Cowell was a town with the tall smoke stack?
  • Cruising through Walnut Creek to the bowling alley?
  • The football team who never won a game?
  • Big Sister Day for the incoming freshman girls? (It was awful.)
  • Mr. Borrelli sunbathing out on the football field when he thought no one was looking?
  • Your locker combination?
  • Avoiding the showers after [girl's] P.E. by wrapping a towel around yourself, walking into the shower area and back out to your gym locker?
  • The names of the sections we were divided into for the graduation ceremony? (Apples, Bananas, Cantaloupes and Dill Pickles.)
  • When girls were not allowed to wear pants to football games? Long cotton stockings kept our legs warm.
  • Warm cheese rolls for brunch?
  • The "clean campus flag" designating whether or not we would get brunch that day?
  • The Junior Prom in the cafeteria?
  • Lagging for quarters behind the gym?
  • Telling the lower class not to walk on our lawn in the quad?
  • Getting into a bathtub of hot water to shrink your Levi's so they would fit?
  • Being able to wear Hip-Huggers?
  • Vocalaires?
  • Singing the Alma Mater at assemblies and games?
  • Who was inside the Eagle costume?
    (Steve Stone writes: Me. In the summer of 1966 I was in it perhaps half-a-dozen times. The only other person I can remember in it was Jerry Schmalljohn.)
    [Ed Note: Tim McCormac was in it at least once. He promised to send us an entry in December 2001 but hasn't. His son showed him how to find our web site, so we know he's in good hands technically. Must be inertia. He's living in Stockton, California and he's in the telephone book.]
  • The A & W on Clayton Road? (Now it's a Chinese take-out restaurant.)
  • Clayton Market, at Treat and Clayton Roads? (We're talking 8th grade here.)
  • When Clayton was only a post office?
  • Sylvester's?
  • When a motorcycle was a Honda?
  • Pegged Levi's that took two or more helpers to get over your feet?
  • Smoking on the back lawn?
  • Jo-Ann Cisneros' brand-new burgandy and white Mustang?
  • Putting orange juice cans in you hair and sleeping on them?
  • Going shopping on Saturday morning in rollers and a scarf?
  • A hair-do called the flip?
  • Madras sport shirts and white Levi's?
  • Granny dresses?
  • Orange crew-necked sweatshirts with cut-off sleeves, worn over a white dress shirt?
  • Mr. Woolum teaching morals as well as mathematics?
  • The week it was so hot that Mike Argo convinced the Administration to forego the dress code?
  • Fifty-mile Kennedy Walks?
  • White tennis shoes with white sox -- with stockings? We didn't have pantyhose back then.
  • White lipstick?
  • Black Converse low-top sneakers?
  • Jet Zoom? (The boy and the cereal)
  • War Ball on rainy days?

This page was inspired in equal parts by the Humor page of fall 2000 and the song of the same name by the Oakwood Boys. I could use about 30 more bullet points, especially from you folks who had social lives. Send them to via E-mail; address at the bottom of the page.

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