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Joan (Jennings) Stickney

May 2016

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How to compress 50 years into a few paragraphs? I have been paralyzed by over analysis long enough, here goes:

Home: El Cerrito, CA in SF Bay Area since 1995.

Children: Jathnael lives in Eureka CA, married;
Josiah lives in Everett WA, married;
Four grandchildren.

Love of my life: Jim Stickney, married since 1997. He is an Episcopal Priest (retired).

I retired from PG&E in 2014, at that time I was evaluating energy storage technologies. I am a Master Gardener now and am learning and supporting various projects in West Contra Costa County, primarily Richmond, getting healthy food to children and expanding parent's knowledge about how to grow and use fresh produce economically.

My husband's retirement from St. Alban's church in Albany CA has led us out of the Bay Area to several smaller church communities for short periods. Jim has served in Hanford, Fresno, Modesto and Lodi. We are currently in our second rotation in Kekaha, Kauai, Hawaii, for two months. The picture is in the tropical breeze in front of the vicarage.

Much time and joy goes into the grandsons and time (not so much joy) in learning how to stay healthy and pain free in an aging body. Music and meditation are crucial.

Joan (Jennings) Stickney in 2016

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