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In Memory: Paul Coe - Rick Lynn Wikle

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These classmates are no longer with us. Given the size of our class, it doesn't claim to be a complete list. If you have additions, corrections or a memories, please send them to me.

Paul Coe in 1966 Paul Coe, 21 Sep 1948 - 14 Nov 1970.
Purple Heart Vietnam Service Ribbon
Sgt. Paul Thomas Coe was killed while serving with the 101st Airborne Division in Thua Thien province, Republic of Vietnam.

Paul Tromerhauser in 1966 Paul Tromerhauser, 20 Sep 1947 - 21 Dec 1971.
Paul died in an auto accident.

Phyllis (Coady) Crippen in 1966 Phyllis (Coady) Crippen, 25 Nov 1948 - 17 May 2016

Richard Capell in 1966 Richard Capell, 25 Mar 1947 - Jan 2016.
Vietnam Service Ribbon
Richard was on the JV and varsity football teams and the yearbook staff at CVHS. He attended Diablo Valley College, and was a Viet Nam veteran. He was living in Concord when he died.

Richard Haines in 1966 Richard Haines, 02 Mar 1948 - Feb 1975.
Vietnam Service Ribbon
Richard graduated from the Air Force Academy and went on to fly fighter planes in Vietnam and Germany. He died due to a rare inflammatory lung disease associated with high altitude flight. He left a wife, Jenny.
Martin Draznin writes:
Dick was one of the absolute great guys in our class. Strong both in body and in spirit, honest, loyal to his friends, fair to anyone who wasn't. He gave 100% effort to everything he did, and with his gift for being a friend he enriched all of our lives.

Frederick Michael (Rick) Benzel in 1966 Frederick Michael (Rick) Benzel, 09 Feb 1948 - 19 Aug 1996.
Rick died from a heart attack.

Rick E. Bickford in 1966 Rick E. Bickford, 4 Feb 1948 - 31 Mar 2001.

Toni Wells sent us an obituary:
Ricky lived in Benicia for 28 years. The Vietnam Marine veteran attended Diablo Valley College and was a member of the Operating Engineers Union Local 3 and the F-100 Truck Club. He was a supporter of Benicia High School sports and band, and enjoyed hunting, fishing and golf. He left his wife of 31 years, Tamra, a daughter Jessica and a son Benjamin Patrick.

Rick Lynn Wikle in 1965
(1965 yearbook)
Rick Lynn Wikle, 22 Mar 1948 - 22 Jan 1969.
Purple Heart Vietnam Service Ribbon
SP4 Rick Lynn Wikle was killed while serving with the 9th Infantry Division in Dinh Tuong Province, Republic of Vietnam.
Doug Perez writes:
Rick Wikle was the quintessential nice guy - the boy next door. He always had a smile, and never a harsh word, for anyone and everyone. Quiet and unassuming, he nevertheless was a person who stood out (and still does today) in your mind as being kind, thoughtful and compassionate. It is a tragedy that his life was cut short at such an age. When he died, he was, in some sense, still that nice, quiet, polite boy we knew.

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