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Pat McMullin

November 2008

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    Pat McMullin sent us an update in 2008: I retired as an Army CW4 in December 2007. Since Operation Noble Eagle I've build a house, planted a tree and been blessed with a son. [Note 2]. Patrik is a Czech-American and is our treasure. Oddly enough, after a life of travel, I've wound up in suburbia again. It's really not unlike how I lived in Concord during high school. My wife teaches at a college prep school and I teach at a business college. It all seems fairly normal until you realize that we are in the geographic center of Europe and everyone speaks a rather complex foreign language. It's also rather interesting being over 60 and having a two-year-old.

[Ed Note 1: I had to ask about that German Bronze Cross of Honor. Pat wrote: I was the Project Partnership Liaison Officer for my unit in Germany from the year the Berlin Wall fell until Spring of 1993. We won the USAREUR Project Partnership Award three years running for our effective and innovative joint training. No unit had ever won three times in a row. The Germans decided that I had done something special.]

[Ed Note 2: The Czechs have a saying that in order to be a man you must build a house, plant a tree and be blessed with a son.]

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