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Richard Burdette

June 2012

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Been three years since we sold the house in Washington State and started full time RVing. As I'm a retired Park Ranger we had the ability to check out RVs before we purchased, getting the pros and cons from people who owned them and used them.

We purchased a fifth wheel and so far have over 90% of the states and provinces visited. So far we have been lucky having no health issues, and needed repairs to the "home" and truck have been not major issues.

We now winter in Tucson, Arizona at a large resort. It is nice having a bunch of older retired people around you to share potlucks, and become new friends. During the summer we return to Washington State to be near our elderly mothers who reside in retirement homes.

[Update below from November 2005.]

On Sept 1, 2004 after 28 years with Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission, I used my active military time and added it to my state service to retire with 30 years with the state. Would have liked to have stayed on, but really got tired of the Political Correctness required along with the Political Graveling done by the agency - must have been those years growing up in the Hippie Birth Area that instilled a little bit of "Anti Establishment" in me, not much since I lasted 28 years. On January 1, 2005 I retired from the Navy Seabees as a Chief Petty Officer. The 26 total "good" years with the "Bees" was 90% excellent and 10% bad - think this is better then average. Still see my fellow "Bees" at least once a month so us Old Farts can go to the bar and tell each other how much we used to drink, and then tell lies about our adventures.

Purchased an old house in Raymond, Washington and am finishing the remodeling started by the couple we purchased it from. Enjoy the small town atmosphere, everyone seems to know each other and each others business - not the place to fool around in, that is if I was young enough to do so - ha.

On my last military five weeks of active duty, I had time to visit Concord, Clayton and Walnut Creek - for those that have stayed in the area, you may not notice it, but for someone who have not visited the area in over twenty years - that area has grown, grown and appears to be still growing.

Had several emails from former friends at CVHS, but lost everything when my computer crashed. One of those regrets of ones life, wish I had learned more about computers so I could utilitze them more - anyway, hope to hear from friends again so I can answer them.

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