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Susan (Buchanan) Minette

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After graduation I spent some time at DVC -- great fun and an easy transition. Then on to Sacramento State for a very brief stay. I decided to work full time and found myself with Pac Bell in San Francisco. In 1970, I married a wonderful guy from Nebraska. The Navy took us to a couple of very uninteresting places and then to San Diego, where we have remained.

I have two children, a son born in 1977 and a daughter born in 1982; she is in college. I also have one grandchild (who is absolutely gorgeous).

My husband retired from the Navy and is looking forward to retiring this June from Raytheon. He then plans on finding some wonderful and fun job.

After a wide variety of jobs (Vicky Maloney will remember this one) candle maker, credit union loan reviewer, secretary in the Pac Bell legal office and mother. When my daughter started school I decided I might like to return to work. I started working part time at her elementary school, working with special education students in the resource program and teaching English to second language students. After three years I took a position as the school secretary at a very nice middle school in La Jolla. After 10 years of all the wonderful variety that offered, I took a leave of absence. I expect that in a few months I will again return to work, but I am not sure just what I will want to be doing...until then I will enjoy a vacation in Yosemite, a visit with family and friends, gardening and basking in the Southern California sun.

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