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Tillman Sherman

March 2009

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Tillman Sherman We are still living in San Andreas and loving it. Iím the President of the board of directors for the San Andreas Sanitary District and the Chair of the Calaveras County Democratic Central Committee. I have worked on the general plan update for the county and the community plan for San Andreas. Retired from the state on my birthday (59th) for the second time.

Two weeks after I retired I started a consulting business with a consultant who used to look to me for approval so that her clients, California Cities and Counties, could claim reimbursement from the government.

We bought an RV a year ago. We needed one since all the kids moved to the east coast. After our Alaska cruise in May 2009, we are headed east - for a while. We have the internet, our retirement and a bunch of new body parts (knees, hips, eyes - corneas, at least), so why not?

Life is good, but it is sure going by fast!

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