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Hi ya'll, I'm finally gotten around to sharing my life. It has been great hearing everyone else's journey in the last few months. Well, here goes:

My parents would not allow me to go to Berkeley, being military and 1966, so I went to their alma mater University of Nevada in Reno, pledged Kappa Alpha Theta and skied 3 days a week, mostly with the guys, no women's sports then. Became an Art Major, influenced much by Kim Solga, and received my teaching credential K-12 in 1971. Also became a Christian in 1967 through Campus Crusade for Christ and ran into Lynette Summerlin in 1970.

No teaching position (too many teachers then) did some substituting and Nanny in Squaw Valley for a year, again trying to find my way. Went to Portland, Oregon to Multnomah School of the Bible, for training in ministry, and appointed by Unevangelized Fields Mission to France. Came back to Palo Alto, California to learn more about church government at Peninsula Bible Church, working with Career people as an intern.

God redirected me to Rome, Italy in the position as cook to 24 Americans and living much like the Europeans for 2 1/2 years. Upon returning to the States, I became a graphic illustrator for GTE Sylvania with a contract for the Shah. When he fell, I came to Half Moon Bay, California. I became a certified Shiatsu Massage Therapist and worked in the Health Spa Club business. After referrals and helping 2 Chiropractors build their business, my first Chiro encouraged me to become one. At 34 years old, I felt I had plenty education and I would be 40 years old by the time I graduated. I realized I would be 40 anyway, so I went and became a Doctor of Chiropractic at 41 years old, life takes a little longer!

As a single gal, I figured that if I had kids, I could call my own hours. Little did I know that is exactly what I am doing now. I set up my ultimate office in Half Moon Bay. My blessings are my 2 children. They keep my life fresh and alive. My hope is to raise them as responsible, peaceful human beings to bring peace to the next generation.

Life is a delicate balance between business and kids, but I even have them in 4-H as I did in Concord. Many things formed in my childhood their have stayed with me for my children too. Last year I finished 3 more post graduate years in pediatric chiropractic.

I love treating kids and am still a bit of a missionary for them to take charge educating them for their future health. I do the Scoliosis exam for the school district. I am a bit eclectic now but it appears that all of my education in life has been put to good use in all I have done.

You can visit my web site (Created by our own Kim Solga) at ChiroMama.com - the picture on the first page is Tina and her children.

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