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I enjoyed reading about the WWIL stories and flashed on French Orals ... I hated them ... and used to almost get sick every Thursday morning when I'd have to get up in front of the class. Now I'm a management trainer ... go figure! I also remember being the most uncoordinated majorette of the group our senior year ... and have steered clear of anything remotely resembling athletics ever since. Some of the joys of high school were the girlfriends ... taking the rotary phone into a closet so my parents wouldn't know I was talking for hours (they knew!) ... spending the night and seeing how late we could stay up and giggling about silly stuff ... usually boys ... the whole time ... Going "steady" and wearing a ring a dear boy made in metal shop ... It reminds me of the movie, Peggy Sue Got Married, when she says, "If I only knew then what I know now" and thank goodness I didn't know. Life seemed so simple back then ...

Shirley Rhoades

[Ed note - Shirley is the second majorette from the left.]
CVHS Majorettes, 1966

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