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Cory (DeMello) Lange

April 2010

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Cory and Rich Lange now Rich Lange and I married in 1969. We have a grown son and daughter - and the frosting on the cake - three grandgirls, all very different, all amazing. Rich has been retired for a year and a half. He was a Recreation Supervisor and a Community Center Director for Livermore Recreation.

He still plays in a band, he is assistant chef at a local cooking shop, and he assists at our daughter's ceramics studio in Tracy. He stays very busy, as do I loving, every minute of retirement.

I taught preschool for over 20 years then Kindergarten for 3. A brain aneurysm in 2000 took me out a little early. I was never able to go back to work, but I volunteer in all 3 grandgirl's classes; then there's dance classes and gymnastics ... they keep me busy and I love it.

I am living a blessed life.

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