Clayton Valley High - Class of 1966
Carolyn Mortimer to Dan Asvitt

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Carolyn (Mortimer) Wooten in 1966 Carolyn (Mortimer) Wooten - Married since 1969 to John Wooten. We have 3 great sons, 2 fine daughters-in-law, and 3 grand-children. We spent most of our years spent in the Sacramento area. We are now in the High Desert, Victorville, because of a transfer.

Charlene E. (Silver) Iverson in 1966 Charlene E. (Silver) Iverson now Charlene E. (Silver) Iverson - I have never left the area other than traveling, but always returning. I have a son who is in the military, Naval Aviator; I have a wonderful daughter-in-law and 4 grandchildren (3 boys and 1 girl). I worked for Longs Drug Stores for 25 years and moved on to Ross Dress for Less. I work in their Property Development Division and have headed their Property Management Department for 10 years now. I love spending time with my grandkids (they tend to give balance to our lives). Love to travel, work in my garden, do projects around my house, and still love to dance (country is my style now).

Charlene (Wilkerson) Lusk in 1966 Charlene (Wilkerson) Lusk - Charlene sent us an update in July 2008. She is retired, divorced, living in Phoenix and pursuing love and lust equally with a man who is a steel pan craftsman. (The kind they use in steel drum bands, not the cooking pots.)

Chris (Sorensen) Stowers in 1966 Chris (Sorensen) Stowers sent us a humorous update in 2006. She and her husband Dan have moved to Clayton. They are getting used to the climate, wildlife, language and customs of a new and strange environment.

Cristine (mazzei) Stowers in 1966 Cristine (Cris) Mazzei goes by just "Cris" these days.

Cynthia (Sinclair) Caulk in 1966 Cynthia (Sinclair) Caulk recently Cynthia (Sinclair) Caulk I have a home on the Delta, in Steamboat slough. We live in Livermore, and have 4 horses (Paints) in Pleasanton. We spend more time with our horses than on the delta these days! My mother is still playing tennis 3 times a week, she'll be 86 in August. My sister Sue, who graduated in 1963 from CVHS, lives in Rio Vista, and my brother Scott, who graduated in 1969, lives in Turner, Oregon.

Cory (DeMello) Lang in 1966 Cory and Rich Lange now Cory (DeMello) Lang sent us an update and a picture in 2010. She married Rich Lange, taught for 23 years and is now retired and living in the Tracy-Livermore area.

Dale Brown in 1965
(1965 yearbook)
Dale Brown - Living in Clovis, California. Happily married with 6 children and 4 grandchildren. Owns a ready-made window-covering business. Knows much less than he did in high school, but knows without a doubt that the world does not revolve around him.

1:29 PM 2/27/2018
Dale Cook in 1966 Dale Cook - Slainte! (Irish for Welcome!) My husband, Bob, and I married in 1967 and had two daughters, Heather and Jessica. We have a grandson born in 1999. We both retired in 1990 and moved to Newtowncunningham, County Donegal, which is on the north coast of Ireland. We enjoy everything about living here, especially as it is so close to the rest of Europe. We enjoy travelling and camping. Hobbies include fixing up classic American cars and I enjoy making quilts.
[Ed. Note: Bing Maps calls it "Newtown cunningham, County Donegal", with a space, and in ther birdseye view it is spectacular.]

Dale Cross in 1966 Dale Cross - My wife and I moved to New Jersey last year - work related transfer. We expect to be in New Jersey for a couple more years, then retire back in the Bay Area.

Dan Asvitt in 1966 Dan Asvitt - Well, I guess I haven't gone too far. I'm living here in Pleasant Hill with my wonderful wife, cat, three chickens and five canaries. After graduating from Cal, tried careers in retail and government, but wanted to travel, and made a final career change in 1978. I've been working at one of those niche jobs, handling product liability claims for foreign insurers, that has taken me to virtually all of the 50 states, London, China, Hong Kong and Japan. My extensive music collection came in handy when I did a Friday-Saturday night oldies show on a local radio station until the owner was offered an unbelievable amount of money and sold to an Hispanic network. Current passions include teaching Bible studies (mostly at the county jail), photography and continuing to add to that music collection.

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