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Hi! It's been a couple of years and I really didn't fall off the planet. Dan and I have been married for ten years, and we moved from the great town of Concord all the way to the town of Clayton! Been here for two years now and I just can't believe all the differences! Boy, it's great to move away from your hometown and explore the world as we have! The climate is MUCH better here! You wouldn't believe the wildlife here, either! It is truly amazing! I understand the school system is quite different, but since we don't have children, we don't know for sure!

Dan and I are still trying to learn the language here. It's been difficult at times, but we seem to manage. I mean, who knew that that BIG vehicle that takes 1.5 parking spaces is named a "Hummer"? I always thought that was something else! Then there are the inevitable cultural differences . . . we used to think Sierra Spring water from the refrigerator was drinkable, BUT now we know better! It HAS to be Evian from your own PERSONAL bottle! Another difference we found was that our cell phones were pretty much obsolete. Aside from the fact that we get virtually no service here, our ring tones are not new songs, hip hop tunes or the latest noises, but are just that . . . a series of rings!

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