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Charlene (Wilkerson) Lusk

July 2008

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As I viewed the pictures Ted recently posted and read about myself, I decided it is time for an update. Much has changed since that blurb was written in 2001!

I retired from teaching after 33 years in June '05. My last few years I taught 3 orchestra classes and three steel pan classes per day. Nice way to end the career.

Immediately after retiring I separated from my husband. We finally divorced in March '07. I now live in Phoenix, AZ. Yes, it is HOT! But, I can afford to own a home here as opposed to California.

The biggest advantage to living in Phoenix is that I have been given the opportunity to pursue love and lust equally with another man and I am doing so. He is a steel pan craftsman. We are back and forth to Trinidad and Tobago (the birth place of pan) often.

I still have a hand in education through a consulting business. It is nice to know my expertise is worth something after all these years! I coordinate music in grades 4/5 in the seven elementary schools of the San Rafael District. This comes under the auspices of the San Rafael Public Education Foundation (better known as HeadsUp.) I work with additional schools setting up music programs, mentoring teachers, helping to establish pan programs, and teaching students as well once in a while.

Life is pretty darn good here. Best wishes to all.


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