Clayton Valley High - Class of 1966
Karen Kunstman to Lelia Thacker

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Karen Kunstman in 1966 Karen (Kunstman) Sanders and Dale Sanders now Karen (Kunstman) Sanders - sent us a larger picture in 2016. She writes: Happily married to Dale with "two cats in the yard" and semi retired as a court reporter, I am enjoying more time for art projects, new ways to prepare vegetables, and walking with friends -- all of which makes me smile.

Life in the Central Valley is good, especially getting "stuck in Lodi again." We have lots of live music, great Mexican food, and wineries (more than 80). One complaint a dearth of movies so we belong to a Cinema club in SF. Yippee!

Looking forward to connecting at the 50th reunion to share life stories with folks that went to CVHS way back when.

Kathy (Hartley) Dodds in 1965
(1965 Yearbook)
Kathy (Hartley) Dodds now Kathy (Hartley) Dodds: After fourty years of being a Dental Technician, I decided to change careers. I am now working as a Realtor with my husband Greg (married 37 years) at the House of Realty in Redding, CA. I am also a volunteer at the City of Redding and still raising parrots. My two children live nearby with their spouses, so I am able to see my four grandkids often. (2008)

Kathy (Lawrence) Lynch in 1966 Kathy (Lawrence) Lynch in 2015 Kathy (Lawrence) Lynch - I have been married twice. My first marriage ended when my husband, Robert Bakey, died in August of '99. I am now married to Barry Lynch. I worked for a short time in cosmetology, then as a stewardess for Western Airlines, did investigations for internal retailers, but mostly raised my boys. I lived in San Ramon and worked as an administrative assistant at a local elementary school. I have two grown boys. They are both are successful in their jobs and are married.
2015 update: My husband retired in August 2014 and I am now employed at Aero Turbine Inc in Stockton, California. We moved to Manteca in 2010 to care for aging parents! We have one grandson born in 2013 and a second grandson coming in July!

Kathy (Spears) Campbell in 1966 Kathy (Spears) Campbell - I'm living in Red Bluff, Northern California, it is beautiful here. I've been here 13 years. I have 3 boys, 3 step daughters and 10 grandchildren.
Kim Solga in 1966 Kim Solga now Kim (Iconoclast) Solga - Living in Mt. Shasta, California. Following an eclectic career combining art, teaching, writing, business, computers, and whatever else seems appropriate at the time.
Kim contributed An artist's memories (With illustrations) to our "What Was It Like?" essay collection.

[Ed. note - Kim's Web Site is a rare joy and a work of art. It has links to some of her clients' sites, including a virtual hot air balloon ride. It is well worth the click. Doug Perez notes Kim was mentioned in a New York Times article on small website design companies. They said she is one of the "most innovative and creative website designers in the West".]

Kip Sheldon - I have been married since 1978. We have three beautiful daughters and one darling grand daughter. I have been working for Equilon Enterprises LLC. in Martinez (formerly Shell Oil) for the last 11 years as a process operator.

Lani (Wiles) Watkins in 1966 Lani (Wiles) Watkins in 2016 Lani (Wiles) Watkins - After attending DVC and Chico State, I taught home economics in Redding, CA. That's where I met my husband, Greg. He was also a CVHS grad, but was a Falcon, not an Eagle, from Central Valley High School in the City of Shasta Lake.

We have lived in Concord for 38 years. I taught Lamaze childbirth classes for many years. After our kids were grown, I worked at Concord High School teaching students with special needs. I retired in 2006.

We have two daughters and twin sons. They have blessed us with 23 grandchildren. We make the rounds to attend as many of their activities as we can. Our family gatherings are a combination of joy and chaos. It couldn't be better!

LaRayne (McMenamin) Povlsen in 1966 LaRayne (McMenamin) Povlsen - Living in Concord, would you believe it, after spending 30 years in San Francisco. Proud grandmother of five, four boys and a girl. I'm working as a school secretary.

Lee (Lelia) (Thacker) Maloney in 1966 Lee (Lelia) (Thacker) Maloney - I have been a Flight Attendant since 1971. I've been married since 1979. We live in Contra Costa County.

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