Clayton Valley High - Class of 1966
Linda Benton to Linnea Cowart

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Linda Benton in 1966 Linda Benton - Linda came to the Napa Valley 25 years ago. She teaches in a Spanish immersion elementary school and has been a math consultant for the Center for Innovation in Education. She has two children, Serena and Colin. She writes and sings, as well. Read more or send

Linda (Chrisp) Knight in 1966 Linda (Chrisp) Knight, grandson and daughter now Linda (Chrisp) Knight wrote in 2018: Joyce (Mcllmoil) Norville and I reconnected at the 50th reunion and then traveled to Thailand together this January. Amazing experience!! See five pictures from their trip.

A brief bio from 2011: I graduated from UC Berkeley and went on to get my Elementary Teaching Credential at Cal State Hayward. I retired in June of 2011 from Brentwood Union School District after 30+ years of teaching. The last 20 were in Middle school and 13 in Special Education. I am looking forward to this new phase in my life and the possibilities there are in life without a 5:30 am alarm! My daughter is in Concord and my son is at Lake Berryessa. He is head chef at the Crossroads restaurant. My youngest grandson has just turned 3 and I am looking forward to being able to spend more time with him. I live in Concord. My hobbies include quilting, gardening, reading and traveling.

Linda (Chrisp) Knight's book Linda writes, in 2015: I recently published Promises for Dynamic Living, a Christian devotional based on God's promises. It is available on Amazon or at my publisher, Certa Publishing, or on my website, Day by Day Fearless Living. I try to blog on my website at least once a week and am trying a new feature called "Food for Thoughts" a couple of times each week.
Hear an interview with Linda by Rick Tocquigny, a radio personality in New York on Blog Talk Radio.

Linda (Nina) (Christensen) Kelley in 1966 Linda (Nina) (Christensen) Kelley now Linda (Nina) (Christensen) Kelley went into the Air Force, married Skip Kelley in 1968. She got her college degree night school and worked as a legislative assistant for a NJ state Assemblywoman. Now she has a long title and makes sure that local industry does not release pollutants into our wastewater system. Read more. I would love to hear from fellow classmates.

Linda (Clipson) Woodall in 1966 Linda (Clipson) Woodall - Lives in Kingwood, Texas. Happily maried since 1977. They have (in 2017) 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren.

Linda Edman in 1966 Linda Edman - I have been in Ceres, California since the fall of 1987 and am currently employed by Stanislaus County. After working for Pacific Bell for 26 years I took an early retirement offer in 1995, had a break and worked a few of different jobs for about 18 months and then started with the county. As a single mom my son Bradley, born 1987, and I are doing just fine and thoroughly enjoy living here.

Linda (Foskett) Stewart in 1966 Linda (Foskett) Stewart - Married Mike Stewart.

Linda (Garrett) Viale in 1966 Linda (Garrett) Viale now Linda (Garrett) Viale: We moved from the Bay Area to the mountains just outside of Yosemite where we lived for 15 years before moving to the central valley 5 years ago. We have spent time traveling through Europe, the South Pacific, Mexico, Hawaii and the US. We love spending time with family and friends. Life is good!

Linda Foster-Collins in 1966 Linda Foster-Collins now Linda Foster-Collins: I'm no longer a size 4. but, I can still bend over to paint my toe nails bright red. I've been married once and divorced over 30 years. One adult son who lives in Santa Barbara. I now live happily with a neutered cat. I've worked for many years in hi-tech sales. I left a small valley town in order to be around a more diversified world. I truly found it. One day I hope to write the story of my war widowed friend who lives in Afghanistan. I never would have thought I would be best friends to a family threatened by a war lord, a daughter who is an activist who had to defect and a kidnapped son. Like everyone my life has had a lot of chapters. I'm happy to say I'm enjoying these last ones the most. I would love to hear from my friends of the past.

Linda sent us an update, with two pictures, in 2013. [And the webmaster lost them until 2015.]

Linda (Martin) Barker in 1966 Linda (Martin) Barker recently Linda (Martin) Barker - Once I graduated from CVHS I went to Healds Business Collage - graduated then was hired by United Airlines and worked as a flight attendant for 15 great years. Married in 1981 and we had two boys - living on a ranch in Brentwood. After about 14 years we picked up our boys and moved to the country outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma. My husband and I will celebrate our 30th anniversary this Aug. I have raised exotic birds for many years now. (Macaws, Congo African Greys, Sun Conures, Quakers, Cockatiels, Amazons and a few other parrots). The Lord has blessed and watched over us for many years and I thank him every day for the life He has given me!

Linda (Maynard) Romer in 1966 Linda (Maynard) Romer has grown older and wiser.

Linda (Smith) Northway in 1966 Linda (Smith) Northway: Retired and living in Nevada City, California.
[Ed. Note - those faint splotches to the left of Linda's nose are ink on the yearbook photo, not blemishes.]

Linnea (Cowart) Pearce in 1966 Linnea (Cowart) Pearce recently Linnea (Cowart) Pearce - I go by "Linn" these days. After high school and a year or two at DVC, I attended nursing school and law school, but each was interrupted by life circumstances. I later attended UC Irvine's extension program, receiving my Paralegal Certificate in 1984. I've worked in the legal field ever since. In 2009, I became the Contracts Administrator / Senior Paralegal for a rapidly growing worldwide medical device company in Orange County, California. Our products are used to treat brain aneurysms.

I married in 1969, had 2 children, a girl and a boy, and divorced in 1979. I remarried in 1980 and divorced again in 1990. After raising my own 2 children, I also helped raise my grandson who graduated from high school in 2016.

Ive traveled to parts of Europe, Canada, Mexico, and most of the U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii. I now seem to prefer my own backyard, unless travelling for work. If I ever retire, I may hit the road for pleasure once again.

I love birds, animals, gardens, my family, my friends, mysteries, cars, and jigsaw puzzles, not in that particular order. I don't love dieting, but no longer have a choice in the matter. Where is the metabolism of my youth when I really need it?

I have lived in Mission Viejo, California since 1994 and can be reached at

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