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David Magris

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David Magris I'm no longer commuting between the states of Washington and Utah. We have moved to the wonderfully warm state of Florida (and yes, in the same county where the electoral fiasco took place). I'm married to a wonderful and beautiful lady (Lana) going on 10 years with our son and daughter (previous marriages) on their own and have 5 grandchildren between them. I enjoy golfing (hacking around, some call my play), fly fishing, reading, cooking (do 95% of it at home) and the food channel programs. I'm active in our spiritual growth and rigging out and launching our sailboat (got it for Lana as she is from the Great Lakes and more of a sailor than I) for my honey to go out on. I like the feel of earth under my feet better.

Here's a picture at our son's wedding a few years ago on the beach in Deerfield Beach, Florida, where my wife Lana presided (as Notaries can do in Florida) over their wedding.

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