Clayton Valley High - Class of 1966
Dave Taylor to Debbie Bromley

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Darlene Kifer in 1965
(1965 yearbook)
Darlene (Kifer) Boncore - Darlene remarried in 2011.

Dave Taylor in 1966 Dave Taylor in 2009 National Defense Ribbon Dave Taylor sent us an update with two pictures in May 2009. In June 2015 he updated it. He worked as an engineer for many years, then became a Lutheran minister. He's now at:
St. John's Lutheran in Buffalo, Minnesota.

David Lendrum in 1966 David Lendrum now David Lendrum - lives in Juneau, Alaska. He and his wife own a nursery, Landscape Alaska, which does habitat restoration. It supplies stores and businesses in a dozen other towns via barge or floatplane. Dave writes articles about gardening in south-east Alaska for his web site; "Holding Hands with Devils Club" is one title that may catch your eye.

David Magris in 1966 David Magris now David Magris sent us an update and picture. He's living in Florida, married to wonderful lady and enjoys golfing, cooking and sailing. The thumbnail doesn't do him or his shirt justice; click on the link to see how well he's aged. .

David A. Poarch in 1966 David A. Poarch now Vietnam Service Ribbon David A. Poarch - I'm off in Norman, Oklahoma and have been since I got back from Vietnam and out of the service in 1969. I'm married, have 2 grown sons, and am the Assistant Dean at the University of Oklahoma College of Law. David has two E-mail addresses, (Home) and (work)

David Scoggins in 1966 David Scoggins married Margie Stormer.

David Walker in 1966 David Walker now David Walker writes: Married since 1983 to Jean (from Chicago - we met while living in Hawaii). We have 2 kids, Nani and Charlie. I am a graphic designer. We moved to Tucson in 2019.
David contributed Running scared (But liking some of it) to our "What Was It Like?" essay collection.

Peace Corps Logo David served as a Peace Corps Volunteer on the island of Montserrat, 1973 - 1975. Montserrat is a Leeward Island of the Lesser Antilles in the Eastern Caribbean, or, as they are affectionately known, the West Indies.

Debbie (Bromley) Dirks in 1966 Debbie (Bromley) Dirks in 1966 Debbie (Bromley) Dirks - Sent us an update in 2011: We still live in Fort Collins, Colorado and I am still married to the same man Dale, going on 35 years now. I no longer work for the airlines, 9/11 took care of that for me, as I didn't want to be in the military/police force, so I have been retired since October of 2002. [I think 35 years with one company is enough anyway]. Neither one of our children is married yet, so thus no grandchildren. I have to borrow others to get my fix. I have siblings residing from Maui to New York so my travel benefits come in handy. My husband doesn't do much traveling with me, so my sisters and girlfriends are usually my travel buddies. I played golf at least three times a week all summer and we have a cabin in the mountains we use in the summer, for fishing and hunting season. Both of us are in good health, and look forward to many more years with our friends and children. I, at least, have to hang on until I get some grandkids. Would love to hear from anyone who is so inclined and if you're ever in my neck of the woods, feel free to call.

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