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Dave Taylor

May 2009, June 2015

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Dave sent us two pictures and an update in May 2009:

Dave Taylor in 1968 Dave Taylor and granddaughter

During the War I was stationed in the Philippines as a Medic (see photo). We took care of the wounded ... guys barely nicked and those so badly hurt they couldn't make it home. We had to grow up pretty quick.

I met a sweet nurse from Minnesota, and we've been married since 1970. We adopted a little girl from Korea and lived in Alaska, Washington and back to Minnesota. Here is a more recent photo with my granddaughter. Most of my work was Engineering.

He added some about becoming a minister in June 2015:

Starting in 1986 I went 6 years to evening school at Western Reformed Seminary in Tacoma, WA. They allowed me to take the 3 year program over a period of 6 years, as I was raising our family with Linda and working as an Engineer for Conoco-Philliips. I graduated in 1992 with a degree, which upgraded to a Master's degree in 2004. In 1993 I was assigned to a parish at Fall City Lutheran Mission by the LCMS, but still worked as a Engineer to support myself.

I was commissioned a deacon in 2010 and received a formal ordination in 2013 at St. James. I am now at St. John's Lutheran in Buffalo, Minnesota, working as an Emeritus. I preach about 3 times a month ... life is good!

[Ed. Note - How many people can brag so much with just one picture? Look at the one on the right. Dave is close to his original weight, has most of his hair, a happy marriage (ring on left hand), a darling granddaughter AND a riding lawn mower. Dang!]

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