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Linda Benton

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I came to the Napa Valley 25 years ago after completing my B.A. plus credential at Chico State. I teach in a Spanish immersion elementary school and stlll love teaching. I wish I could thank Mr. Martinez for the foundation in Spanish that has so enriched my life and my career.

I lived in Europe for a year in 1980. I have been a math consultant for the Center for Innovation in Education and was sent to Buenos Aires to teach a workshop all in Spanish. I have also worked as a math consultant and contributing writer and editor for Creative Teaching Press.

I am recently single and raising my two precious children, Serena and Colin. I guess I was a late bloomer! In addition to them, my interests include writing, singing and performing, my personal and spiritual growth, fixing up my house inside and out (I'm getting into gardening for the first time!), visiting friends and family and all the arts (music, theater, visual...).

Life is full and very busy. Summer is my delicious "down" time. I use it to connect to friends so do contact me!

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