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Linda (Nina) (Christensen) Kelley

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After high school I went into the Air Force, stationed in Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, Alabama.

I met and married Skip Kelley in 1968, we just celebrated our 37th. (I can't be old enough to be married 37 years!) We have three sons, one daughter, one grandson and one granddaughter. They all live and work within a few miles of our home in Westwood NJ.

I got my college degree at a local school going at night. I worked as a legislative assistant for a NJ state Assemblywoman for ten years, was in property management for three years and am now (get this title) the Assistant Director of the Industrial Pretreatment Program for the Bergen County [NJ] Utilities Authority. We make sure that local industry does not release pollutants into our wastewater system.

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