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Linda writes: I thought it was about time that I did an update picture and what is going on in my 65 year old world. Attached are two pictures that capture my 12% Russian and my 2% African American. I was adopted at 3 and didn't know but a part of my ethnic background. Ten years ago I did find my 5 younger biological siblings.

About a year ago my biological cousin suggested I go on Ancestry.Com to see if I could locate any of my father's family. Then the idea was for me to do my DNA. What a huge surprise! I was beyond thrilled to know that I was part Russian. My "adopted" children are from Russia. I have been going to more dinners and events and I'm the only one who doesn't speak Russian. Then I've joked for years that I was a "black chick stuck in a white body". Low and behold I have this tiny 2% of African. I have recently been united with 7 African cousins. I have totally embraced this and decided to do homage to my heritage.

I'd tell anyone to look at having your DNA done. You will find out more than you ever expected. I'm sure that a LOT of my ancestors wish I'd left their secrets alone.

Linda Foster-Collins Linda Foster-Collins

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