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After two years at DVC, I married Cathy Witterholt (class of '67) and transferred to Sonoma State. I graduated from Sonoma State (BS, Physics), had my first child (Aaron) and began a masters program at San Francisco State. After my MS (Physics) we moved to San Diego where I worked as a systems software engineer. I've stayed in computer technology here in San Diego ever since and am currently a product manager for Teradata Corporation and continue to happily live in "Americas Finest City". Retirement is still a ways off, probably 2014.

My first marriage ended (amicably) in the '70s, and I finally remarried in 1985 to a wonderful girl named Lynn. We have a son, Danny, born in 1989, who is a Sergeant and combat medic in the US Army. Aaron, my elder son is a successful construction superintendent with 3 children of his own.

I am involved in music a great deal, working as a professional bassist whenever I can. In the past couple of years I've been part of a rock band (we're actually pretty good) called "Swivel and The Groove". We have a few songs up on YouTube - seach for us. I also play a lot of bass guitar for our local church.

I still play tennis 2-4 times a week and ignore the aches.

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