Clayton Valley High - Class of 1966
Sandra Purdy to Steve Stone

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Sandra (Freeze) Purdy in 1966 Sandra (Freeze) Purdy and Homer now Sandra (Freeze) Purdy - had a brush with death in 2004 via Binswanger Disease, a disease most people have never heard of. Read more. She and her husband Homer lived and in Templeton, California for 10 years. They moved to Ogden Utah.

Shari Gallegos in 1966 Shari Gallegos now Shari Gallegos: Living in the Santa Cruz area has afforded me so many gifts! I moved here over 40 years ago and continue to marvel at its beauty. My three children grew up here and now have children of their own who enjoy the beaches, the redwoods and the overall loveliness of this wonderful area. I'm retired now, but spent 30 years as an educator, and spent the last decade serving the local district as an elementary school principal. Along with my partner, John (retired high school teacher), I enjoy traveling, spending summers on Cape Cod (where he owns a summer cottage) and spending a lot of time with our 7 grandchildren.

Sharon Scott in 1965
(1965 yearbook)
Sharon (Scott) Brooks sent us an update in April 2002. She has been a telephone operator, accountant, preschool teacher, microcircuit maker, business owner and teacher. Three of her children went to West Point. She took a group of scouts on a 14 mile hike past Devil's Punchbowl to Devil's Chair.

Sherry Fuzesy in 1966 Sherry Fuzesy in 2013 Sherry Fuzesy sent us a brief CV in 2016:
Graduate of UC Berkeley, 1973, Microbiology.
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, 1974-81.
Marin County Environmental Health Services, 1985-2006.
Retired, happily. Still single, no children.

Sherry (Knowles) Bookman in 1966 Sherry (Knowles) Bookman now Sherry (Knowles) Bookman - After high school, I graduated from Diablo Valley College and married Geoff Bookman in February 1968. We have three daughters, one son and eight grandchildren who are the light of our lives. We lived in Antioch for nineteen years, New York for five years, and Salt Lake City, Utah since 1992. My work outside the home has mostly been clerical work in the medical field. I was able to stay home while my children were young and am now staying home to take care of grandchildren. Geoff works in the computer field, and we enjoy the outdoors and camping. We have always been active in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which has brought us great joy.

Shirley (Rhoades) Kalinowski in 1966 Shirley (Rhoades) Kalinowski now Shirley (Rhoades) Kalnowski - Shirley and her husband live in Brentwood and have five grandchildren.
Shirley contributed The Majorette (NOT your basic fluffy blonde) to our "What Was It Like?" essay collection.

Steve (Mike) Fase in 1966 Steve (Mike) Fase - Has grown older and wiser. He lives in Eureka, California.

Steve Jilka in 1966 Steve Jilka now Steve Jilka - Steve has a Master's in physics. He has been married twice. He lives in San Diego and works for TeraData, a database company. He plays bass for musical theater productions and at church. Read more, or look for him on Facebook.

Steve Stone in 1966 Steve Stone in 2018 Steve Stone ended up with a Master of Arts in Insect Ecology (Biological Control of Agricultural Pests). He just recently retired from the National Park Service. He's been married since 1968 and has two grandchildren. Read more or
That second picture is Stave repoting an Adenium (Desert Rose) Steve adds:
Yes, I still have all my hair,
Yes, that's its natural color, and
No, I do not color it (virtually no gray at all ... good genes).

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