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This is the head page of the Genealogy Section of my web site. I have two major subsections. The Public pages, just below, are for anyone interested in genealogy. They are aimed at beginners. The Personal pages are about my ancestors. The personal section has links to my data on RWWC, an explanation of my conventions and my limits. You are welcome to look at the personal pages if you aren't related to me, but they will be dull. There is a navigation bar to the rest of the site at the bottom of the page.

Public Pages

The public pages have three sections and some loose pages.

Section 1: Beginning Genealogy, for people who are just starting:
Section 2: Intermediate Genealogy, for people who have been at it for weeks or months:
Section 3: Essays on Genealogy, is less "How to" and more general musings on genealogical topics. "Shortcuts", "Estimating Dates", "Those Elusive Edes" and "Recording Adoptions" all have advice for beginners:

The rest of these didn't fall into any section easily.

Biography Outline
How many times have you found an ancestor and wondered what they were like; what made them laugh, what made them cry, what made them give up the farm in Vermont and move to Kansas? It is too late to ask most of them. You can ask your living relatives, and you can write an autobiography. With luck it will get passed down, and your great-grandchildren will have an idea of what you (or your parents, or your grandparents) were like. This page is a series of general questions. If you answer all of them in complete sentences - or better yet, a couple of paragraphs - you'll have a start on an autobiography. Some people have a hard time thinking of anything to write, and some of us ramble along for hours at the slightest provocation. The outline is for the first kind of people.

What's the difference between a first cousin twice removed and a second cousin once removed? This page shows you, with a tree chart and explanations. There is a page about cousins dating, too.

Why do it at all?
Some paragraphs about what genealogy means to me.

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