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This is the head page for the Web Design section of my web site. There is a navigation bar to other sections and an e-mail link to me at the bottom of the page. This section has:

Suggestions for Student Web Builders
Equal parts anecdotes, personal opinion, lessons from free-lance writing, and suggestions for students who want to create a personal web page; also some horrible puns about colors. The focus is what to write about, not HTML specifics.

Suggestions for Church Web Sites
I've written, organized and maintained church web sites since 1999. If you are just starting out to design a site for your church, this may help. Again, the focus is content, not HTML specifics.

Usability Guidelines
I wrote this for the Back Country Horsemen of America, but the advice is good for any local unit of a non-profit organization with a volunteer web master - including a church.

HTML Color Demonstration
This page has HTML specifics. It explains the hexadecimal system, how you specify colors in HTML, and shows all 216 browser-safe colors. It has a bittersweet personal anecdote about the hexadecimal number system, too.

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