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Seasons greetings! In spite of the overwhelming response from our readers to cease and desist, we have decided to continue our distribution of The Neiheisel Review. While some may wonder if The Neiheisel Review "jumped the shark"* with our last edition, we remain steadfast in our desire to bring our readers "News the World Wants to Know About" and poised to answer the burning questions left lingering from the year.

This year began just like so many before it ... Jamie, Aaron and I rang in the new year by sipping pop, watching TV, and falling asleep well before the ball dropped. (Or was that last Tuesday? It's so hard to keep track when you always live life on the edge.) But it was only a matter of time before the winds of change were going to blow.

It all began when Jamie decided she needed a change. (I suggested a new outfit, but she went a different route.) So, she sought out a new career challenge. Jamie was fortunate enough to meet up with Chris P----, an agent with Northwestern Mutual and began working for him as an assistant. Along with her partner in crime, Kari, they battle the forces of good and evil (depending on Chris' mood) on a daily basis. (Unless it's Friday, then they are either off or have a half-day... I know, it's a rough life.)

The year has been a whirlwind of excitement for me as well. After a year as a probationary firefighter, I was promoted to firefighter-1! My supervisors felt I had become such a valuable asset to the team that I was transferred to from Ladder 20 to Engine 9 and switched from Unit 1 to Unit 3. (Hmm ... at the time their motives didn't seem quite as unflattering.)

During the summer, a "Dream Team" caliber indoor soccer team was assembled at the Western Sports Mall. This star-studded ensemble included such stars as Mike "the Enforcer" Noeth, Jim "the Cat" Robb, Steve "the Plumber" Neiheisel, Dan "the Bulldozer" Donovan, and Jess "Toothless" Robb. After a rough start, we put together the type of season every kid dreams of and plays out in their back yard. With unmatched teamwork, we plowed through the competition claiming the Championship T-shirt. This valiant effort was not without its casualties, however. Jamie was lost for the season 20 minutes into our first game with a torn ankle ligament that ultimately required surgery.

As Aaron turns three, we're hoping the worst of the terrible two's is behind us. While he is always thoroughly entertaining, Aaron certainly wears us out. And I assure you that hearing him say his favorite phrase, "I don't want to!," never gets tiring. He speaks very well for such a little guy. So well, in fact, that we have him regularly order Chinese food for us over the phone... he seems to understand them better than we do.

Aaron has also become quite the concert-goer this year. He has seen Barney in concert and Monsters, Inc. Disney on Ice at US Bank Arena in Cincinnati. We even drove all the way up to Columbus just so he could see the Wiggles in concert. (I was fortunate enough to see the Wiggles with him... YEAH!) Those three concerts he's gone to amount to as many concerts as I've been to in my entire life ... and that includes the Wiggles!

Lately, Aaron has been working diligently to conquer the porcelain bowl... well, that is as long as there are M&M's and a popsicle awaiting him when he is through. He has done fairly well potty- training, although his interest is easily waned. Aaron is usually most interested in going potty when it is time to go to sleep, and even then it is only No.1. Jamie & I can always tell when he's going No.2 because he sneaks off quietly to the corner of the living room under the end table where he bakes his own special batch of brownies. We are encouraged by his progress, though, and anxiously anticipate going diaper- free next year!

As you can see, our family has had a crazy year. We look forward to the holiday season and impending new year with brimming excitement. Each day we count our blessings and pray our fantastic voyage continues unabated. Please feel welcome to stop by for a spell any time and join in our voyage. We'd love to catch up! In the mean time, drop us a line or give us a call, if you get the chance. From our family to yours...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

* The term "jumped the shark" is a reference to the "Happy Days" episode where Fonzie jumped a shark as a stunt, and the show went downhill from there.

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