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Sing a Song of Christmas

Deb Lutmer uses popular song titles as lead-ins to her paragraphs. What a great idea!

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Our 2005 letter includes a favorite song,
So catch up with us and sing along.

See You in September . . . Will began his junior year at Adrian High School and Cody graduated last May and started at MN West-Jackson Campus in the Power Sports Technology program this fall. He shares an apartment with a friend from high school.

Get A Job . . . Summer jobs included B and L Construction for Will and Bullerman Farms for Cody. Cody is also working at the Jackson County Central High School Fitness Center as his work-study. Deb is still at Adrian School and doing book work for B and L Construction in her spare time. Dave is still at 5-Star as general manager.

Only The Strong Survive . . .describes Adrian's 2004-2005 Wrestling Team. They were awesome! Cody and Will both were Section 3AA Champs at 215 and Heavyweight; Cody placed 4th at State and the team placed 3rd; Cody was voted most improved wrestler (for the 2nd year in a row) at the year end banquet. Cody had a 43 second pin at Emmetsburg and Will had a 15 second pin at Owatonna. The team was also Division 5 Champs at the CLASH held in Rochester. It was a great year for the team.

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother . . . The Lutmer brothers helped build a garage in Aberdeen for their sister Linda and Rick in August. They also took their annual ice fishing trip to Winnebegosh (Dave, Gary, Bruce, Randy, Rick, Tim, Jeff and brother-in-law, Rick and friend, Doug).

Born to be Wild . . . Yep, that's the men in this family. Motorcycles, dirt bikes, 4-wheeling, snowmobiling, tattoos, body piercing . . .

Greased Lightning . . . The guys have been restoring Dave's old 1974 Ford Torino. Expected finish date is 2007 for Will's senior prom.

Lead Me Lord . . . Deb continues to lector in church, is in her last year on parish council, is vice regent of the local Catholic Daughters and is the state education chairman for CDA.

Stairway to Heaven . . . On July 1st, my mom, Helen D--, passed away following an ongoing struggle with congestive heart failure. I also lost a good friend, Elsa K---- and my uncle, Norbert K---.

Takin' Care of Business . . . The 2005-2006 AHS Football Team was Section Runner-up with Will playing defensive end and tackle. He was voted Defensive Player of 2005 at the year end banquet.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game . . . Both boys played softball for the Demons in Rushmore this past summer. The AHS baseball team was consolation champs last spring with Will playing 3rd base and filling in with pitching duties. He was voted to the 3A All Section team.

Haven't Got Time for the Pain . . . The sports season was rough on Will. We had an emergency room visit for strep in October. He spent four weeks in a cast during football season for a fractured wrist bone (but still could play) and most recently had surgery for a severed tendon in his ring finger which he has had to sit out of wrestling these first few weeks, much to his dismay.

If I Were a Rich Man . . . then things like gas prices, car insurance, emergency room trips, senior photos, prom tuxedo rentals wouldn't bother me! I try to tell the boys we are "rich" in other ways . . . love, laughter, fun, faith, family, friends but they don't always see it my way.

I Walk The Line . . . No, no one has had to actually "walk the line" but I did walk for Relay for Life at Willmar along with a couple of my sisters and their Walmart associates.

Color My World . . . the theme from my high school junior prom was just one of the many things discussed at my 30 year high school class reunion in June. It was good to see about half of our graduating class of 42 attend the activities in Browns Valley which included a tour around Lake Traverse on a classmate's pontoon.

A-Hunting We Will Go . . . The guys go pheasant hunting every chance they get. It's a lot easier when Uncle Bruce is along with his dog, but they've been fairly lucky. As for deer hunting, Dave bow hunted and bagged two, Dave and Will went slug hunting one weekend and Cody went another weekend. So we have plenty of venison for this year.

Hair . . . from the musical with the same name. The boys have lots of long, beautiful hair, shining, gleaming . . . you know the song. Dave only wishes he could grow more hair on his head and less in his brows, nose and ears. Deb started to pluck her gray hair but found it to be overwhelming and just went to having it colored.

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N . . . What's that? There wasn't one for us this year, although two sisters and I did take a long weekend to Michigan to our niece, Amy's graduation.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun . . . A few weekends were spent in Willmar with sisters and high school girlfriends hanging out, shopping, watching DVD's or going to a movie, laughing `til we had tears and visiting Mom when she was in the hospital. Even though we were working when I helped my best friend, Cindy, move to town, we had fun doing it. An overnight stay in Sioux Falls to attend the Sioux Empire Fair and the Paul Revere and the Raiders concert with my high school friend, Kim, was a blast. I still enjoy scrapbooking (Cody's graduation books were a masterpiece if I must say so myself), stamping cards and reading.

I Only Have Eyes for You . . . Cody has a special girl, Lindsey, that he spends a lot of time with when she isn't studying at MN West-Worthington campus. They do some babysitting for two little guys, Jacob and Ian, that adore Cody, and Cody enjoys them as well.

If I Could Turn Back Time . . . (by Cher, my favorite). I long for the days when two snot nosed boys would tear around the house or just sit and cuddle on my lap with that look of admiration in their eyes. I told someone that I was NOT going to put how fast time goes by in my letter, but it really does, so if you don't already, be sure to take time to enjoy the simple things.

Proud to Be an American . . . With all the military folks in our family and so many friends and family serving, we can only hope and pray that they return home soon and safely.

Merry Christmas

Deb, Dave, Cody and Will

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